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redesign supply chain management

UCSF's Supply Chain Management department was undergoing a website migration and redesign. There was a new style guide with standard colors and fonts. The website was hosted on Drupal, a content management software I had heard of but never worked with before.

 I worked closely with the Communications Manager to organize and retrieve the content to be implemented on the new website. I was tasked with making sure that the navigation made sense and to nest the appropriate pages accordingly.

staying organized

We had most of the copy from the previous website saved in word documents and were working with the vendors and buyers on getting the most updated versions as they were the subject matter experts. I learned Drupal while working on this project and would reach out to IT and developers through Slack when I came across an unfamiliar issue. 

My manager had compiled all the pages, which numbered over a hundred, into a spreadsheet, which we worked off of as a loose information architecture.

The website's main purposes were to be a resource for SCM (Supply Chain Management) to access the appropriate information, including forms, training, FAQs, and department news. 

To create some interactivity on the website, we decided on one page to introduce some graphics that linked to their respective pieces of information. I helped design the buttons.

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Once we launched the website, we solicited feedback from the department, which we took into consideration when making the edits. Many were small pieces of copy that needed to be updated and some comments on content hierarchy. The feedback was overall positive as it was a huge improvement visually and functionally. 

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