papir plan

papir plan hero.png

Highlighting a copenhagen landmark

For the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design's Design Through Thinking Out Loud workshop, each team was given a prompt to reinvent a Copenhagen landmark in anticipation for a city-wide festival in 2018.

My team chose to make our landmark Papiroen, an island that formerly served as a paper storage for the Procurement Association of the Danish Press. It has since been revamped to host a variety of creative establishments including Copenhagen Street Food hall, Experimentarium science museum as well as many art galleries and cafes.


site visits and research

We made multiple visits to our site of study and conducted user interviews to gain insights on what drew visitors to the island, their needs and expectations. We interviewed families at Experimentarium as well as employees at the Copenhagen Street Food Festival.

The museum-visiting families saw the exhibit as a valuable learning experience for adults and children alike. There were visitors from all around the world ranging from local teachers to families from the states. Many expressed that they had visited similar interactive museums before. Some mentioned that the price was something that may deter them from returning since it was quite expensive. 


After interviewing 10 people, we collected our notes and card sorted their thoughts according to the P.O.I.N.T. system - Problems, Opportunities, Insights, Needs, Themes

My team sought to draw from the existing spirit of creativity and showcase the island as an urban laboratory. We had many ideas regarding which part of the island experience to focus on: 

  • Currency
  • Food and kids
  • Accessibility (bridge, kayaks)
  • Use port as interactive space

Sketching and rapid prototyping

Inspired by the many innovative exhibits we saw at the Experimentarium museum, we began sketching activities and projects that users could engage in. These ranged from smart wristbands that would track entry, skills and currency, to idea walls, to food truck play structures. 

idea sketches.png

We settled on the idea of a project collaboration app, where people can decide to propose a community project, like building an art sculpture or maintaining a community garden, and find teammates to schedule meetings to work on it. Papir Island would be the incubator and space for people to come together and innovate.

We then started to sketch the screens for the mobile app starting with several flows:

  • the user's profile and portfolio page
  • selection of projects to choose from
  • project matching
  • team meeting scheduling
  • project progress
  • redeeming of money after project completion

clickable prototype

We used the POP (Prototyping on Paper) app to perform some user testing and iterated based on the feedback. We moved on to design a higher fidelity version of the app using Invision and AI. 


As one of the design first projects I have done with a team, this was a great opportunity to work with different people with various skillsets. One was a graphic designer, another an industrial designer and one other UX designer. With a short timeline of 5 days, we had accomplished a lot and with more time, we could have tested our final prototype and gotten feedback to do more improvements.