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When it comes to email security

One of our staff technologists approached our Engineering and Design team with this project citing that there are few resources out there on how to secure an email domain. We were given the opportunity to design a service that would allow people to check whether or not their domains were secure and how to advise people on securing them if they weren't.

After interviewing several of our own system administrators, we got to wireframing desktop and mobile prototypes.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.21.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.23.38 PM.png

User testing

We conducted user research using as well as interviews with some supporters from our community and gathered feedback on our wireframe prototypes. We got insights on the types of iconography we used, the language, types of support we gave, among other things. As we grouped trends together, we made changes to the design. 

Style guide

Style guide

Finished product

While there were some last minute features added that required some design rethinking, the project launched successfully after a team QA. Our debrief included going over who owned which stage of the mockups, how to share files and design changes more efficiently, and how to communicate better using the various channels we used. To date, we have 500 submissions and counting, and positive feedback from our community and on social media. We hope to continue to test the current site and make improvements to better serve our audience.